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fandom_outcasts's Journal

Become an outcast!
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This community if for those who feel the cold shoulder of Fandom. Not overly witty to survive Fandom Wank? A fic author with 2 readers? Even on the Pit? Tired of being looked down on because you are new to a show/movie/play/whatever? This place is for you then! All outcasts welcome!

What is this community about?

That's easy! We are the outcasts! We are those people that F_W doesn't even know exists! We are those fangirls and boys that devote what little time we have to enjoying fandom but not caring, or able to, make a name for ourselves with the batshit insane well known folks.

How do I know if I'm an outcast?

We have a simple test.

1. have you ever enjoyed something and searched out a community on Livejournal to share your love? Were you then completely shocked and baffled at the politics/shipping wars/general insanity of communities? Join the community!

2. When "big things" happened in your fandom how did you react? For example during the Mssscribe outing did you say "who?" If you did then I command you to join at once!

3. Do you know who Cassie Clair is? Do you care? If the answer is no then you should join! Immediately!

4. Are you still trying to figure out why there are so few good fanfiction stories in the Inuyasha fandom? Or why the stories with hundreds of reviews..well..suck? Then you should join.

5. Do you ever wish for the good ol days of Star Trek being for dressing up and meeting the actors? Yep. Joining would be good

6. Ever poked your head into F_W and was utterly confused? Have you ever been told to STFU n00b for being unaware of the past transgressions of BFF's? Join!

7. Do you know what BFF or BNF stands for? If the answer is no then JOIN RIGHT NOW!

8. Like to laugh at the utter absurdity of fandom without having constantly be witty about it? Yep..you should join.


These are pretty lax for the most part.

-Try to play nice.
-Don't get us shut down by LJ
-Not everyone will post topics you enjoy. Deal with it.
-Be as wanky as you want. Seriously. Go ahead! Just don't be surprised if people laugh at you
-anarchy rules in this community. No fandom politics please.
-Do not make me delete stuff. Really. It's irritating and work that I don't want to do.
-Promotions. Sure but don't be obnoxious about it. If I see your promo for whatever more than once every couple weeks I will not be a happy person. There are millions of promo communities to advertise in. Try to limit promo's to fandom-related stuff.
-please put large pics/not-safe-for-work stuff/spoilers under a cut.
-trolls...er I guess they are fun in a community so if someone feels we are important enough to troll them whatever.

having said that


I'm a pretty darn lax person but just DO NOT do this. If I find out a member trolled anyone featured I will not just ban you, I will tar and feather you.

We clear? Rock on. Lets have some fun


If you are interested then please email me at drftndreaming@aol.com or contact me on my journal at childofares